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Custom Injection Molding
& Design Since 1974
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The best machinery & tooling
for custom plastic molding
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During manufacturing, the company recycles all plastic scrap materials into appropriate products
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Medway Plastics, where Quality is Manufactured

We’re a company with Sustainable Plastic Injection Molding & Design since 1974,  working with the best machinery & tools. You can find us in Long Beach, California & Round Rock, Austin, Texas. 

We manufacture a wide range of plastic products for our customers. Our diversity in equipment capabilities provide the capability required for single and multi-cavity configurations to produce small, medium and large parts. With 40 years of experience in plastic molding commodity and Engineering resins, we offer a vast choice of standard and purpose formulated materials for specific performance requirements with sustainable processes.


Sustainable Plastic Injection Molding

Medway Plastic Electric Co-Generation System for plastic molding

This is considered a “Green” technology for generating electricity from natural gas for the plastic process. This system also recovers the heat and converts it to refrigeration for mold cooling in the plant; it also provides back-up power for the entire plant in the event of a power outages.


Investments help Medway Plastics control energy costs.

Long Beach, California. — Family-owned Medway Plastics Corporation is having success using fully insulated Thermal Control Solution-brand radiant heating systems on its larger plastic machines. Medway has installed TCS systems on 16 machines, all 500 tons or larger, McDaniel said. Medway operates 26 presses in Long Beach. All four of the injection presses in Medway’s Pflugerville, Texas, plant use TCS systems.

Also on the energy front, Medway utilizes a state-of-the-art system that generates electricity from natural gas, recovers the heat and converts it to refrigeration for mold cooling in the plant. The co-generation system provides backup power for the entire plant and helps to control electricity costs during peak periods. As part of the system, Medway in Long Beach has operated three 375-kilowatt generators with absorption chillers for about 11 years.